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# Are you threatened by a warrant of arrest?

In this case you cannot afford any mistake. You need an experienced lawyer, who dominates the Code of Criminal Law and pleads for your freedom with persistency, intuition and vision.

In case of an imminent warrant of arrest your defender must take initiative immediately and get rid of the argument of a possible danger of flight and obscuration. Only this way it can be avoided that the arrest warrant is executed at once. The voluntary delivery of your passport lends itself as a solution to this problem. In other cases the offer to take part in the elucidation of the facts is of some help. But beware: don’t take any inconsiderate step. Based on his experience your lawyer can better estimate how to repel a warrant of arrest.


If the accused gets into investigative custody, tactically intelligent action is demanded. In order that the accused can be set free again a complaint against the detention is not always necessary. Our experience shows that negotiations with the prosecution or the court often lead quicker to a suspension of the warrant of arrest than a complaint against the detention.


Moreover, a premature complaint against the detention holds a risk: in case the reasons are too weak and the complaint is refused this can have negative effects on the main trial. There the judge already disposes of a judicial approval of the suspicion. Such a devastating process can only be avoided if the defender checks the chances of success carefully.


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