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# Are you thinking about a team of lawyers and tax consultants when it comes to your defence?

Our field of work is the fiscal danger zone. Therefore we appreciate the cooperation with your tax accountant. In this expert team we as criminal tax law experts concentrate on optimal litigation tactics.


A client who is confronted with criminal proceedings for tax fraud usually directs himself to his tax accountant in the first place. The tax accountant possesses the trust of the client and knows his financial circumstances. The client can very well expect to get first aid from his tax accountant in the criminal proceedings. The counselling as regards the choice of an experienced criminal tax law expert is part of his job.


Division of work speaks in favour of teamwork: while in the best-case scenario the tax accountant has been having insight into the financial circumstances of the client for years, the lawyer dwells upon the necessary process experience and the required foundation in law. By these means the different competences of the two specialists complement one another and the result is a punchy defence team.


The defence in criminal proceedings for tax offences is nothing for beginners or casual workers. Apart from grounded knowledge of fiscal law your legal counsel has to know criminal law by hard. Besides professional legal competence your counsel should be in command of negotiation skill and sure instinct. Remember: if you want to convince before the court you won’t need the loudest brawler but a sovereign defender.


The teamwork of tax counsel and legal counsel proves its worth when it comes to the prevention of criminal proceedings: before audits. The tax counsel is the scout who continually finds risk potentials in the firm and encourages an examination of fiscally questionable constructions of contracts by an expert before it is too late.


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