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# Are you looking for tax-based security before your next company audit?

The more complicated fiscal law the more dangerous are the judicial snares for entrepreneurs and managers. The question about risks with respect to criminal law in your data has to be asked especially before the next external audit. We give you an answer before the auditor arrives.

The analysis of risk potentials with respect to fiscal law in the company serves for prevention. The background: when auditors get the impression while working on-site that a company might have cut taxes, they usually call their colleagues from the tax investigation. Such surprises can be avoided.


First hints on questionable fiscal constructions are often received by managers from their tax counsels. The question about any risks with respect to criminal law remains. Clarifying this in detail is part of the expertise of the law firm Wannemacher & Partner. Naturally our attorneys will also show you where and how you should act in the underlying case. This also is a question about limitation. On the other hand we talk about the chances of self-endictment to avoid penalty. The latter correctly implemented prevents your company from being caught out at the next audit.


By the way: tax investigators do not only have auditors to get weaving. In point of fact the former scoop their initial suspicion from different sources. Among the informants and whistleblowers of the fiscal authorities are for instance former spouses, colleagues and business associates, who want to take revenge for an insult or a wound. Charges like these are never ever to be underestimated. These informants often dispose of a treacherous insider-knowledge.


The good news: the one who is conscious about the potential of the threat can forearm himself against it. The law firm Wannemacher & Partner will help you in finding the right weapons.


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